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                         Yvonne Krielow began her career with an RN Degree from LSUE. She                                  worked in ICU at the Jennings American Legion Hospital for ten years                                         while obtaining her Masters of Nursing from McNeese State University                                       in 2001, earning the title Family Nurse Practitioner. She also added                                             the title of business owner when she opened the doors to The Clinic of                                    Welsh in 2008 (in collaboration with Dr. Amanda LaCombe). In 2011                                    she earned her Doctorate of Nurse Practition from Texas Christian University. 


Montie Landry is the friendly voice you hear when you call the Clinic                                 of Welsh. She brings order to this busy clinic- and does so with grace.                                         Montie's worked in the medical field for over a decade and loves her                                       daily interactions with patients. Montie graduated from Fenton High                                         School in 1985. She is the mother of two boys, CJ & Taylor with her

husband of 31 years, David Landry. She is the proud grandmother to

three granddaughters Arlynn, Cambree and Maddilynn.  


                        Erin Cormier joined the Clinic of Welsh's team armed with an A.A.S.                                         in Medical Office Informations with a Concentration in Biling & Coding                                      from LSUE. That combined with her ten years experience make Erin a                                      great addition to the Clinic's staff. Erin enjoys time with her husband,                                        TimothyCormier and their little girl, Lacey. Erin is also gained her CPC,                                  and CPPM credentials.


From left: Christina, Montie, Yvonne, Courtney, Erin,  Mary

Mary Cormier brings a sense of joy to the Clinic of Welsh. Armed with an Associates Degree in Applied Science from Sowela, Mary's infectious energy is put to work in reception, handling all outgoing referrals to specialists. Married to Gregory Cormier, Mary can be found on the weekends enjoying the outdoors, baking or doting on her many godchildren.






Christina Fontenot is such a multi-tasking savant, that it's easy to                                     wonder if she has extra hands hidden somewhere. With over 20 years

in the medical community, she's equally comfortable with booking an

appointment as she is performing a urinalysis. One thing for certain

is- she won't be standing still. Christina and her husband Charles

have added grandparents as their latest titles!



Courtney Gary resides in Jennings with her husband, Louis Gary & their four children. At the Clinic ofWelsh, Courtney triages both patients and the schedule! She'll

jump into reception without a moment's hesitation

when needed. She loves cooking and spending time

with her family.



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